Animal accepted

Our B & B accepts small pets.

B&B animali accettatiIn order to meet the needs of those who have pets, we have set aside some rooms where it is possible to keep them.  In Lucca  it is not easy to find  a B&B or Hotel where pets are allowed.  For this reason we accept  pets for those who wish to stay in Lucca with their four-legged friends.  Obviously, there are house rules to  be followed in order to keep a harmonious relationship with other guests.  If it is your intention to bring your little friend along with you, please make your request known when booking.


Services for your dog:

  –  Food bowl (food not included),
  –  Water bowl,
  –  Sleeping cushion,
  – Welcome biscuits.


Daily price supplement – Euro 15,00.

    Rules for guests with four-legged friends:

1.    The animals must be kept on a lead when in the common area at the entrance of the building.
2.    The animals cannot remain in the common area.
3.    Animal owners must see that their pets do not disturb the peace when entering the building (otherwise they  must be accompanied outside).
4.    Whether inside the building or a close vicinity outside,  animal owners must ensure that when their pets leave their excrements they must immediately clean it up.
5.    It is forbidden to leave animals on their own in the rooms